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Beyond The Page has graciously provided me with a complimentary copy of this book, via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you!

Persy Marsh grew up in a well-to-do family, with a socially ambitious mother.  Literally making herself sick in order to live up to her mother’s standards, Persy ultimately rebelled, left that life behind and moved into a poor community where she is trying to make a difference.  In the hotel she now works for she meets Jordan Prince, manager of the hotel and member of the wealthy Prince family.  Attracted to each other, Persy and Jordan fight their attraction every step of the way; Jordan knowing a Prince could never get involved with someone like Percy (whom he obviously believes to be a poor dog walker for his hotel), and Percy fearing getting sucked back into the world of the rich she once left behind.  They didn’t count on changing each other, and not caring what society thinks…

I truly hate writing negative reviews, but I honestly battled my way through this one.  Apart from some distracting typos, I had a very hard time warming up to Jordan after his and Percy’s first date. He takes Persy out to a lousy place because he is afraid she would embarrass him at his usual, upper-crust hangouts (and, dare I say, he thinks she should be grateful he deigned to spend his precious time with her at all).  He takes her out with the sole purpose of getting her in his bed.  When she puts a stop to their make-out session, he gets very angry and goes on about how she’d led him on and now refuses to follow through.  When she asks him to forgive her (seriously?!), his response, and I quote: “I don’t want to”.  Such an immature reaction doesn’t endear a leading man to me.  He then states they should never see each other again, and makes her walk home alone – he doesn’t even see her home safely?  How do I respect this guy?  This quote capped it though: “As gorgeous as I am, I don’t understand why she hasn’t fallen madly in love with me”.  I’m not even kidding.  And he’s not just thinking it, he’s saying it to himself in the mirror!  If I had not made a commitment to review this book, this is where I would have stopped reading; at the 11% mark.  He literally thinks to himself “I’ll just stick around until I have her body, then I’ll be content”.  

The next day at the hotel he completely takes advantages of his position as her boss, publicly yelling at her for something she had supposedly done wrong – it turns out she did nothing wrong, but instead of apologising for his behaviour, he finds something else to cause a scene over.  Later he’s intrigued that she’s capable of writing an impressive letter – what, because she’s poor, she’s stupid?  It really went downhill from there.  He enjoys parading by her with a string of glamorous women on his arm, and he says things to her like “You sure know how to ruin an evening”, “stop acting like an idiot” and (after she’s brutally attacked and beaten) “there’s not a man in the world who’d want to be seen in public with your face that colour”. 

I liked the blurb and expected a sweet story about a down-to-earth rich girl who falls in love with an uptight business man, softening his heart with her free-spirited ways - Sadly, this is very possibly the worst so-called hero I’ve come across, and that alone made this book really hard to enjoy.  I like Persy very much and found myself wishing she would raise her standards and find a man worthy of her. I was hoping Jordan would redeem himself towards the end of the book, and while he did improve (slightly), his earlier behaviour had put me off way too much and I just could not come to care for him. 

Product information:
Title: Percy and the Prince
Author: Jane Myers Perrine
Publisher: Beyond The Page
Year: 2014
Number of pages: 153

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