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Kensington Books has graciously provided me with a complimentary copy of this book, via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you!

As kids they steered clear of one another - but now a beautiful, well-connected reporter and a sexy, driven detective are all grown-up and on the job. Moira O'Leary's work as a reporter gives her access to some of Chicago's swankiest soirées. She knows how to navigate the jet-set crowd, and her style and confidence help her blend right in. But when her childhood crush starts popping up at posh events, her poise begins to falter - until she realizes she has the upper hand in a high-stakes game of secrets and seduction.

Moira O’Leary has been in love with Jimmy O’Malley ever since she was ten years old; too bad for her that he has never given her the time of day.  Little does she know that Jimmy has always been every bit as fascinated by Moira as she is by him, but as his best friend’s little sister she is completely off limits; so he does the only thing he knows will discourage her – he ignores her.  

By her late twenties Moira has had her fair share of relationships, but she’s never met the man who can make her toes curl with a kiss.  She has a strong suspicion Jimmy is that man, but she has never been able to get him to like her.  Determined to meet her match, Moira decides to start being pro-active – not just in her love life, but also her career.  Moira is a reporter, but has failed to make a name for herself.  Hurt by the fact that those around her see her only as a party girl writing fluff pieces on high society events, she is determined to start writing important pieces that will get her noticed; and she’s determined to meet her match.

Moira is not the only one set on making a name for herself.  Jimmy, a new detective, has no intention of remaining a detective for the rest of his life.  Determined to climb the ranks, Jimmy can’t wait for his big break – that one case that will get him a foot in the door.

When Jimmy is assigned an undercover gig to get to the bottom of secret high stakes robberies among the city’s rich and famous, the last person he expects to see at his first party is Moira O’Leary.  He actively avoids her, yet she manages to sneak her way into his life anyway.  Recognising a story waiting to happen, Moira offers Jimmy a deal; she'll help him get the information he needs in exchange for an exclusive interview once the case is closed.  Jimmy wants none of it, but his partner convinces him to agree.  Moira, being a confidante of the elite, turns out to be Jimmy’s ticket to the inner circle, helping him to become a part of the group he needs to investigate.  Who are robbing these men, and why do they refuse to report it?

When Moira’s first serious article happens to cross into Jimmy’s investigation, Jimmy is insistent that Moira stay out of it; but Moira has no intention of letting Jimmy control her, and she just might be his secret weapon in cracking the case wide open – if only he wasn’t too stubborn to see it.

Catch Your Breath by Shannyn Schroeder is the fourth book in the O’Leary’s series.  Each book can be read as a stand-alone.  Catch Your Breath is slated to be published on 03 July 2014.

I was invested in Moira and Jimmy’s relationship from the get-go.  The author managed to endear both of them to me, they complement each other really well, and I can totally see them as a couple.

The storyline is an interesting one, the dialogue is realistic and the dynamics of the relationships are believable.  The characters are interesting and compelling, and the author does a good job of relating their inner psyches.  I understood Moira’s need to prove herself as a serious reporter, and Jimmy’s need to control everything in his life – also, consequently his fear of Moira, being completely unable to control her.  The fact that Jimmy can’t control Moira makes me like her all the more.  In fact, I got a little frustrated with Jimmy’s high-handed tactics.  It did annoy me that Moira constantly had to convince Jimmy to want to be with her, up to the very end, and she was always the one who initiated everything, so I was a little disappointed that she didn’t at least get him grovelling in the end; but then, I guess Jimmy is not the kind of man who will grovel, and the fact that she loves and accepts him just as he is, is what makes Moira, Moira.

I was a little disappointed by the ending of the book, given that expected a much more tense conclusion (regarding the case), and the reader never even learns who are robbing these men.  The author indicated that they were very dangerous several times, but we never learn their identities or motives.  The sexual content in the book is also more explicit than I prefer, and I ended up skipping those scenes.  

All in all I enjoyed the book, liked the characters and the storyline kept my attention.  I am intrigued by Moira's brother, Liam, Jimmy's brother Kevin and his sister, Norah. The author does a good job of balancing the major characters and the minor characters, and I would be interested in learning their stories.

Product information:
Title: Catch Your Breath
Author: Shannyn Schroeder
Publisher: Kensington Books
Year: 2014
Number of pages: 358

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