Thursday, October 31, 2013


When Lila and Alex sneak off for a romantic weekend away, Lila’s hoping she’ll finally have a chance to work on Alex’s resolve.  But just as things start heating up, news reaches them of a serial killer at loose on the island and it isn’t long before their intimate weekend away is interrupted.

A mind reader, a projector, a protective older brother and a serial killer. One of them is going to find Lila first. She's hoping it's the serial killer.

Tormenting Lila by Sarah Alderson is a (very) short story featuring characters from Hunting Lila and Losing Lila, set eight weeks after the conclusion of Losing Lila.  It follows Lila and Alex on a romantic vacation, but Lila and Alex are only alone for the first few pages.  Jack, Amber, Suki and Nate show up to complicate Lila's romantic plans for Alex. 

A night on town leads to one of the girls having a narrow escape from a serial killer.  *Spoiler alert*  The short story abruptly ends with the team leaving Nantucket, reading a newspaper article about a girl being murdered, wondering if it was the same individual they had encountered.

Much as I love all the characters from the Lila books, I don't get the point of this short story other than it being an introduction of sorts to Alderson's new characters and new book, The Sound. Since Alderson currently has no official plans to write a third Lila book, all this short story did was make me want more with no more to be had.  The blurb also hinted at more of a plot than was actually delivered.  This one let me down.

Product information:
Name: Torming Lila
Author: Sarah Alderson
Pages: 36
Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK
Year: 2013

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