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Beth Pride really can’t stand William Darcy: he snubbed her at the Hartford College Children’s Benefit Auction; he has an infuriating propensity for pushing her buttons; his actions are frequently at odds with his words; and even his melting chocolate eyes and impressive physique don’t quite make up for his deficient personality.

Beth’s plan to avoid William backfires when her roommate falls for his best friend. As the unlikely duo are thrown together time and again, Beth begins to second guess her earlier assumptions about William.

Will Pride’s prejudice keep her from a happy ending, or will Beth discover that first impressions aren’t always what they seem?

As I am sure you could infer from the synopsis, Pride’s Prejudice by Misty Dawn Pulsipher is a modern day adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.  There are several adaptations and Austen inspired works, but quite frankly I’ll probably never get enough.  If it involves Jane Austen, chances are I am going to love it – and love it I did. 

Beth and William are wonderfully entertaining characters, and personality wise they are very true to Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy.  The verbal sparring between the characters is no less entertaining than the original Lizzie and Darcy, and their interactions are also a pleasure to follow.  Beth and William are like magnets; they constantly find themselves drawn to each other even though they find it difficult to get along.  I appreciate the fact that while William’s personality and actions are very true to Darcy’s character, William is a bit more open than Darcy, and once he realises he likes Beth he makes a move.  I also appreciated that Beth and William get together before the very end of the story and that the author gives the reader the time and opportunity to appreciate them as a unit.  The supporting characters are also interesting and very true to their original counterparts.

While this version sticks closely to the original storyline, there are enough changes to make the book refreshing and interesting to follow, and while lovers of Pride & Prejudice will have a general idea where the story would end up, certain aspects are unpredictable and it is a joy to see where the author will take you next.  I love the many ways the author spun events from Pride & Prejudice to make it realistic in modern times, and she did a wonderful job of portraying the progression of Beth and William’s relationship.  Beth and William have great chemistry… and I can’t help but wonder what Ms Austen would say about the sexual tension!  The author took great care, though, to not overdo anything and she cleverly managed to stay true to Austen’s sense of propriety while keeping a modern romance realistic and giving the readers some passion.

Pride’s Prejudice is a fresh take on a classic that respectfully portrays events in a modern light.  Any Austen fan will enjoy this take on the beloved classic.

Product information:
Title: Pride’s Prejudice
Author: Misty Dawn Pulsipher
Pages: 360
Publisher: Misty Dawn Pulsipher
Year: 2013

ISBN: 1484917847

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