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Revell Publishers has graciously supplied me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

After ten years of looking over her shoulder, Jillian Carter is tired of running.  When she saw a crime committed the night of her High School graduation, Jillian was young and scared, and when instinct told her to flee, she did.  Now she’s finally ready to go back home to right a wrong and finally put the past behind her. 

Young as he had been when they were together, Colton Brady had loved Jillian Carter with all of his being.  He could never understand her sudden disappearance, and he certainly could never forget the girl he had wanted to spend the rest of his life with.  He even became a cop for the sole purpose of finding her, but Jillian had changed her identity and ultimately had been too good at hiding.  Her friends, Alexia and Serena, seem convinced that something had scared Jillian badly enough to get her on the first bus out of town, and that whatever it was had recently put all of their lives in danger.

When Jillian is attacked at the airport mere minutes after arriving home, Colton can’t help but concede that whatever she saw, someone clearly wants to silence her; but when Jillian accuses Colton’s uncle of murder, will family honour take precedence over claims of his High School sweetheart?

As they work together to discover the truth (Jillian believes Senator Frank Hoffman guilty of murder, Colton works to prove his innocence), it soon becomes clear that their long ago love is not in the past at all; but with an even bigger secret Jillian has been keeping for ten years, could Colton ever forgive her and give their rekindled love a chance?

When A Secret Kills by Lynette Eason is the third and final instalment of the Deadly Reunions series.  After ten years of running, hiding and learning to take care of herself, Jillian Carter is finally ready to come home and face her demons; especially with her secret risking the lives of her best friends, Alexia and Serena.  With recent attempts on both of their lives, Jillian knows the time for the truth is at hand.  She expects danger, she expects opposition, but what she does not expect is for the love of her life to pick her up at the airport.  After running away without so much as a goodbye, Jillian doesn’t know what to expect from Colton, but one thing is certain; they have unfinished business.

Colton won’t believe his uncle is guilty of murder, as Jillian claims.  He agrees to help her discover the truth of that long ago night, if only to prove his uncle’s innocence.  With attempt upon attempt on Jillian’s life, Colton admits that she knows something that someone is willing to kill for, but when attempts are made on his own life Colton’s faith in his uncle’s innocence is strengthened.  His uncle would never see him harmed… would he?

When A Secret Kills is a fast paced, action packed read, even more intense than its predecessors.  Jillian is literally running for her life from the very first page, and the danger continues throughout the novel.  There is a ten year old mystery to be solved, and danger mounts as the puzzle pieces start to come together.

It was great to finally meet Jillian and as a character she did not disappoint.  She’s tough as nails yet has a very believable vulnerability about her.  I enjoyed the interaction between Jillian and Colton, but just wish there was more interaction between the three ladies of the novels.  For best friends these three spend hardly any time together after finally being reunited after years apart.  It would have been nice to finally see the three of them together.  I wish Serena and Alexia had bigger roles in this novel, but as it is their men seemed to play a bigger part. 

While both Jillian and Colton are believers, there is much less focus on faith than the previous two books, something I sorely missed.  The majority of this book was more action than religious fiction.  Even so, When a Secret Kills is by no means a disappointment, rather a very satisfying conclusion to the trilogy.  

Product information:
Title: When A Secret Kills
Author: Lynette Eason
Pages: 352
Publisher: Revell
Year: 2013
ISBN: 0800720091
ISBN13: 9780800720094

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