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Reporter Moira Harrison is new on the job in St. Louis, but she’s no rookie to investigative reporting. She knows how to dig for answers and get results. But when she hits a pedestrian on a rainy night in a wooded area - only to have both the victim and the good Samaritan who stopped to assist disappear - she turns to P.I. Cal Burke, an ex-homicide detective, to help her sort out the puzzle. Cal is more than a little sceptical of her story, especially since the police have dismissed it. But as clues begin to surface, bringing them closer to answers, the danger mounts. Because someone doesn’t want this mystery solved - and will stop at nothing to protect a shocking secret that will destroy a life built on lies.

Vanished by Irene Hannon is the first book in the Private Justice series.  It follows investigative reporter, Moira Harrison, trying to solve a mystery of her own.  On a rainy night, Moira sees a lone figure on the road; unable to stop her car fast enough, Moira feels the impact of hitting the person with the terrified eyes.  When she crashes into a tree, Moira is relieved when a good Samaritan pulls open her car door to check on her.  Moira, however, soon loses consciousness, and when she comes to there is no sign of a victim or a good Samaritan.  Relaying her tale to the Police, it is clear to Moira that they don't believe her - there is no sign of anyone else, after all - and chalk it up to her concussion.  But Moira can't let it rest; the terrified eyes of her victim haunt her.  Desperate, Moira turns to Phoenix Inc - the most respected private investigators in town.  Together Moira and Cal Burke try to piece together the puzzle of that night, never dreaming just how far-reaching the consequences of their investigation could be. 

Vanished is a very enjoyable read by Irene Hannon, with a nice mixture of mystery and romance.  I have to say though, one thing I did not like about the book is the fact that the reader is made privy to the identity of the villain very early on - Personally I prefer when an author keeps me guessing.  The suspense of the novel isn't too strong - I never found myself fearing for Moira or Cal's safety - the more serious scenes just weren't intense enough for my liking.  As far as suspense goes, this book is on the lighter side.  Even so, the book was fun to read and the characters were compelling enough to hold my interest.  Moira and Cal's relationship was very accurately portrayed considering Cal's widower status combined with Moira's client status; it was a realistic progression of two people destined to be together.  

I am already thoroughly charmed by Cal's colleagues, Connor and Dev, and look forward to their stories being told in the upcoming Private Justice books.  Dev is next in Trapped, due to be released later this year.

Product Information:
Title: Vanished
Author: Irene Hannon
Pages: 314
Publisher: Revell
Year: 2013
ISBN: 9780800721237

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