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The Women24 book club is fun to be a part of, especially receiving the monthly newsletters by fellow bookworm, Tammy.  Her newsletters eerily represent my own views and opinions, and this month's is no different.  Today I will share Tammy's quirks as a book nerd (Italics), and add a few of my own (bold). 

The Quirks of a book nerd:
The thing I love most about books and reading, is that it has resulted in me developing a lot of eccentric and bookish habits.

I've been thinking about the fact that we read so much and focus so much on the lovely interior and world within the books, that we forget how we appear on the outside. In fact, I can say with certainty that we often have no idea just how far their influence stretch to and beyond our daily lives and how it shapes our day-to-day routine.

And so, it's with this in mind I've come to realise the following about myself:

1. If I take a break, I have to stop when a new book chapter ends or starts. I hate bookmarking in between chapters because it makes me feel like I'm reading something incomplete.

Absolutely! I cannot stop reading mid-chapter.

2. If I buy a book series, they have to be in the same format and have the same covers. I recently bought The Hunger Games box set and gave away my original copy because it didn't match up with the rest.

Yes! They have to look like the unit they are. J.K. Rowling annoyed me to no end with the different looks of the Harry Potter novels - it looks silly not having the same size, some soft-cover and some hard-cover. Urgh!

3. I am a complete and utter sucker for a pretty book cover and will sometimes spend money (ill-advisedly I might add!) to splurge on a book because the cover entranced me.

Ah, yes. I have bought many a book simply because of the pretty cover.

4. I get excited about a book, buy it, and once I do, end up not reading it immediately. It's as if I first need to satisfy the need to have the book on my book shelf, let it soak in a little, and then maybe a month or so later, finally pick the book up. There are of course, exceptions to this rule.

This is so me! I have to have it, but usually end up only reading it weeks later.

5. Perversely enough, when I'm in the mood for a book, I tend not to be in the mood for one of my own, unread books on my shelf, and end up buying another one. Sometimes, I'll even read that one immediately and sometimes, I'll end up picking up a book from my shelf after adding the one that I just bought. (I know. I'm a walking contradiction).

This happens to me quite regularly. I'm in the mood for a certain type of book, and none of my unread books fall into that category, so I go out and buy a new book.

6. I've only recently learned how to abandon books that I don't like because there are simply too many books and too little time! Still working on the guilt issue though.

The one point on which we disagree. I have not yet developed the ability to abandon I book I don't enjoy.  I'll suffer my way through it because I know I'll always wonder, in the back of my mind, how it all ended; Alright yes, secretly I'm hoping the book will improve significantly within the next few pages.    

7. I know books are subjective and I know that I've written a column about how I don't need to love the books that you do, but secretly, it still annoys me when people don't recognise my favourite book for the awesomeness that it is (feel free to throw rocks at me if you want).

Yes! I take it really personally when someone doesn't agree with me on the literary brilliance of a book; And if I recommend a book and you won't consider reading it, we have a serious friendship issue.  

8. You are instantly my new best friend if you end up loving a book that I recommended to you. If you hated it, I don't want you to tell me (oh alright, you can tell me). 

Yes! If we can agree on books, we can agree on just about anything :)

9. I am the ultimate book hoarder. I hate letting go of books. Also, how can I let go of books when I'm planning to build a library bigger than the one that the Beast gave Beauty? Tsk.

I don't let go of books.  I just don't.  The other day my sister-in-law wanted to borrow Rapture (she's one of the few people I will lend a book to), and my brother helps me    move my book storage boxes (plastic ones, so my books will be perfectly protected until I finally find the absolute perfect book shelf) to locate the right one (luckily I know my boxes very well), and looking at all my books he goes "Why don't you sell some of these?"  What?! I am sure I looked as mortified as I felt.  Sell my friends?! Why would I possibly want to do that?! 

10. If I lend you books, I'm secretly hoping you'll read the book in a day so that I can get it back immediately. I have book separation anxiety issues, ok? They're my babies.

Book separation anxiety! Only a certified book nerd will truly understand this one.  When a book is so brilliant that I want you to read it, I would rather buy it for you as a present than lend you my copy! My condition is that serious.

11. If my book comes back to me in a bad condition, I make a mental note to never pass another book the offending person's way, and then ask them to buy me a new copy.

No doubt.  If you can't handle my books with the respect they deserve, you do not get a second chance.  My heart is still sore over my copy of A Walk To Remember that I came home with dog-eared pages, water damage and dirty finger marks.  Oh my heart.  The horror. I will never forget who ruined one of my favourite books.  I have considered replacing it, but it was a gift from my brother and I am a total sentimental nut.  Besides, it's not the book's fault!

And finally...

12. If I love an e-book, I absolutely have to buy the physical book as well.

Agreed.  Though I only read e-books when I have to review them for Tyndale.  Which brings me to a few of my own quirks:

13. I hate e-books.  I understand it fulfils a need for some people in this technological era we live in, but it's not the real thing.  I need a real, solid book in my hands.  I love the feel and smell of books, and I love marking my progress by literally seeing how many pages I have left.  That way I can also mentally prepare myself for the conclusion.  It's hard to say goodbye to a brilliant book. (And besides, you can't fill a book shelf with e-books.)

14. If I have decided to read a book, I want it now!  On Friday my best friend, Erika, gave me recommendations for two books she got hooked on, Hunting Lila and Losing Lila by Sarah Alderson.  This weekend I went looking for them.  To my utter frustration I found Losing Lila (book 2), and not Hunting Lila (book 1).  Exclusive Books has to order me copy.  I now have to wait days to get a copy.  It doesn't matter that I'm busy reading A Feast For Crows and won't be able to start reading it right away, I want it now! (See point 4)

15.  I assume the book in my hands is my own personal Do-Not-Disturb-Sign.  If you start talking to me while I'm reading, I might glare at you. Asking an essential question is acceptable, staring a very serious discussion is not.  Luckily, Erika gave me this less subtle sign:

When you really start thinking about it, being a bookworm brings with it many eccentricities and odd habits; but life sure is more interesting that way.  


  1. I have to admit, I'm reading through the Quirks I'm sitting here nodding to myself in agreement to most of them. They really are spot on.

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