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FBI agent Luke Falcon and fifth-grade teacher Caroline Lane meet when his cousin marries her sister. An immediate connection leads to a relationship even though Luke withholds a part of himself, and Caroline has her doubts about getting involved with an FBI agent. A year into their relationship, just as Caroline starts considering breaking things off with Luke because he hesitates to let their relationship turn into something more serious, their collective family vanishes. As it becomes clear that Mark, Sharon and Benjamin have been victims of a kidnapping gone wrong, evidence points to the involvement of Frank Hardin, a serial killer Luke has been chasing for years. With their family’s lives on the line, Luke and Caroline are placed under the kind of pressure their fragile relationship might not be able to survive. When a stalker’s obsession with Caroline merges with the kidnapping, a ransom delivery goes wrong and bodies start piling up, Luke faces the most daunting case of his career; and when the kidnapper also sets his sights on Caroline, Luke is forced to face his emotions and admit his feelings for her. The only question is, with everything that’s been happening, might he be too late?

Dee Henderson never disappoints. As always her writing is very realistic. Her detail to the operations of a profession (in this case FBI agent) places the reader firmly in that world, creating an exciting reading experience. She painstakingly follows the kind of procedures the FBI would have to follow in a case of this nature, with the result that the reader gets to tag along for every aspect of solving this case. Henderson doesn’t hesitate to kill off characters, which causes a certain suspense to hang over every page. A good outcome is not guaranteed, so as Luke races to save those he loves, you can be sure the readers are holding their breath. 

What I love most about Dee Henderson’s books is that she manages to build intense, gripping stories on a foundation of faith. Without it ever becoming preachy she effortlessly integrates characters’ reliance on their faith to carry them through, as well as legitimate concerns believers might struggle with under certain circumstances.

Any fans of detective novels will love her work. Her writing is precise, thorough and perfectly executed. In Kidnapped, Dee Henderson has delivered yet another thrilling suspense novel which is sure to keep you turning the pages just as fast as you can.

Product information:
Title: Kidnapped
Author: Dee Henderson
Number of pages: 368
Publisher: Tyndale House
Year: 2008
ISBN-10: 1414323638
ISBN-13: 978-1414323633 

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