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Deeanne Gist is quite obviously an author who clearly loves what she does. Every single page of her beautiful work is lovingly written and utterly enjoyable.

I first came to know Deeanne from reading A bride in the bargain, which you mightl recall I adored. I have since also read Beguiled and A bride most begruding, and Deeanne has become one of my favourite authors. Reading Deeanne's books is a completely effortless process. Your eyes swim across the pages at record speed, and before you know it you're halfway through. Her characters are always well rounded, intriguing, witty and brave, her plot lines are unpredictable and final pages always leave you wanting more. What I love most about Deeanne's books, though, is the crash courses she cleverly weaves into her stories. In A bride in the bargain I learned all about logging and the fascinating Mercer brides debacle, In Beguiled I learned about journalism, antiques and robberies, and even a little about dog walking, and in A bride most begruding I learned about the tabacco brides, tabacco farming and the Indian massacre of 1622.

Love on the Line is no exception. It taught me of bird watching and conservation, the work of telephone operators and troublemen in the early 1900's, and most fascinating, a little something about Texas Rangers and train robbers. I've always loved cowboys and crooks, so I thoroughly enjoyed the core of this story.

Texas Ranger Lucious Landrum is sent to Brenham, Texas to infiltrate the most notorious gang of train robbers. The Comer Gang, under leadership of Frank Comer, has cleverly presented themselves to the public as honourable thieves, seemingly stealing from the rich to give to the poor, and as a result always manages to escape justice. The only problem is that the gang is much more mean spirited and dangerous than the public believes, and Lucious is set the seemingly impossible task of trying to protect the townfolk of Brenham from men they don't want to be protected from.

Having one final opportunity to bring the Comer gang in before another Texas Ranger takes over his case, a desperate Lucious goes undercover as telephone installer and repairman, Luke Palmer. Using his days working the lines to scope the town, and befriending the townfolk to determine who is part of Comer's gang, Luke soon begins narrowing down the list of suspects. Luke thought this job would be easy; What he didn't bargain on was discovering that some of the men simply got involved in a situation they can't get out of, and coming to care about some of the men he would have to arrest... or falling in love with Georgie Gail, the independent, stubborn switchboard operator who hates his guts.

Georgie Gail prides herself on her success and independence in a man's world, and is furious when the telephone company sends a man to look over her shoulder. Armed with her resentment Georgie tries to show Luke who's boss, but Luke turns out to be every bit as stubborn as Georgie herself. The friction of a clash of wills soon creates a spark, and Georgie and Luke start to fall in love despite themselves.

When Georgie accidentally discovers that Luke is more than he claims, Luke is forced to trust Georgie and reveal his true identity and purpose for being in Brenham. When her involvement with Luke places Georgie directly in the path of the deadly Comer gang, Luke realises that a lot more than his job is on the line.

Love on the line is a very enjoyable read. You'll cringe one moment, laugh the next, and then be so angry you can't stand to read further; but of course you will. Deeanne Gist will capture your imagination as well as your heart.

Product information:
Title: Love On The Line
Author: Deeanne Gist
Number of pages: 368
Publisher: Bethany House
Year: 2011
ISBN-10: 0764209493 

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