Thursday, August 19, 2010


The Amazon Kindle.

The Kindle 2

Developed by Amazon for the rendering and displaying of e-books, newspapers, magazines and blogs (like this one *Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink*).

I'm in two minds over the Kindle. Don't get me wrong; As a product it's fabulous. I've never heard a bad word about it. It uses an electronic paper display that features 16 shades of gray - which means it's easy on the eyes and makes reading an absolute pleasure. Or so they say. Then there is the undeniable advantage to the enivironment. Presently at Amazon e-books are outselling printed books. You know what that means - less paper. Less trees being butchered for the whims of humans, which is awesome. So while it is a sad day for book lovers, the environment is rejoicing!

My problem is this: I love books. I mean, I LOVE books. I believe that the magic of the story is hidden between its pages. I think the magic is lost when you read electronically. Besides, there is nothing I like better than strolling through a bookstore, running my hands over familiar beloved books and intriguing new ones. I love taking new books home and bonding with them (if you're a literature nut like me, you'll know what I mean - right Erika?) When I'm down, all I have to do is dig some books out of my trunks and re-read my favourite chapters, and I feel better. Books are my happy place. Literally. When someone says "Find your happy place", this is where I go:

Well, variations hereof. Sometimes it's hundreds and hundreds of books in an enchanting forrest, but you get the picture.

The Kindle has a lot of advantages. It's portable, wireless and apparently easy to use (unfortunately I can't confirm). You can store over 1500 e-books on the Kindle at any given time, and there are over 250 000 titles available at the Kindle store. You can instantly download a new book instead of having to wait for delivery of a printed book. The Kindle seems to be the face of the future, and while (for selfish reasons) I personally won't ever stop buying printed books, my hat's off to e-book buyers!

The earth is prescious. God blesses us with an amazing home planet that can not be replaced, so in whichever way you can, Go Green people! Reduce, reuse, recycle!


  1. I hear you sister. The book vs. Kindle debate carries on, but my mind is made up. Technology is a blessing, but when it comes to books, I'm just old fashioned.


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